Air Conditioning

Are you the person who is  driving and you switch on the AC and all you're getting is hot air, so you put your windows down to try and cool down? Book an appointment with us now. 




Can you hear a noise when pressing your brake pedal? Please call us and book an appointment asap as you may also damage your discs.  



Let us check your car to ensure it is safe to drive. We will check the interior and exterior according to  it'll look after you.  


At Hollin Bridge we will follow the DVSA procedure and check the exterior, interior, under the bonnet, under the vehicle and your emissions. 


INTERIM Service with MOT & Diagnostic Scan

This service should be done every six months especially if you'd like to get the best out of your car e.g. better fuel economy.

  • Oil (manufacture specific) 
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Spark Plugs (petrol vehicles) 


FULL SERVICE with MOT & Diagnostic Scan

This is a one time a year service as described by the interim service. At Hollin Bridge we also top up any fluids such as Antifreeze, Brake Fluid and Screenwash.  

  • Oil (manufacture specific)
  • Oil filter 
  • Air filter 
  • Spark Plugs (petrol vehicles) 
  • Cabin filter
  • Fuel Filter 


Other Services Offered


Have you bought your tyres elsewhere? We.don't judge. Give us a vs

Call and we will give you a fitting only quote.